Centre Of Excellence (COE) for Digital Economy

Centre Of Excellence (COE) for Digital Economy is powered by Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation which engages in research and development under digital sectors.

Three Main Components in COE

University KeyLabs

To coordinate and empower Universities to collaborate with others sectors & agency in fundamental and exploratory ICT research projects and validate their findings in lab environment according to their research area.

CoE OpenLab

A centralised one-stop technology centre area for researcher and startup, which foster collaboration and development of high quality output and marketable product that contribute to Digital Economy’s initiatives.

Digital Economy Testbeds

Digital Economy Testbeds is an industry-focused area solutions for Digital Economy’s initiatives, which involve industries, university researchers and startups to develop their research, development and innovation in digital products and services using industry grade tools/platform from CoE Technology Partners in collaboration with private sectors and world class universities.

What's Happening?

CoE Openlab Facility Now Open for Access

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Translational Research Grant 2021 Opening

Opening Date of Application: 20th August 2021

Closing Date of Application: 30th September 2021

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Result Announcement For Translational Research Grant 2021 Opening

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Sarawak Digital Economy Research Grant 2018 Statistic

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