Collaborative Research Grant (SCRG) 2023 Opening

The SCRG supports collaboration between University Partners of the Centre of Excellence for Digital Economy (CoE) and the industry. This grant intends to link researchers with industry to focus on research and development of specific use cases and subsequently, commercialization.

Grant Objectives:

Collaborative Research Grant (SCRG) 2023 Opening
  • Foster high quality research to solve industry-identified problems through industry-defined and outcome-focused collaborative research partnership between industry entities and University Partners of the CoE
  • Catalyze technological advancements and foster industry collaboration through the development of innovative core technologies with demonstrable use cases in industrial settings
  • Facilitate technology and knowledge transfer between CoE Keylabs and industry
  • Encourage and facilitate Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) participation in collaborative research.

Intended Outcomes:

Collaborative Research Grant (SCRG) 2023 Opening
  • Establishing industry-research sector collaborations
  • SME participation in collaborative research
  • Collaborative research results relevant to PCDS 2030 and SDE 20230
  • Increased research skills in industry and increased industry capability in research

SCRG 2023 Details:

Collaborative Research Grant (SCRG) 2023 Opening

Project Duration

  • Minimum project duration is 2 years
  • Maximum project duration is 3 years

    Grant Amount

    • The maximum grant amount is RM250,000.00
    • All partners are required to contribute towards the project, whether in cash and/or in-kind contribution. However, cash contributions are highly encouraged from industry partners

    Application Period

    • Opening Date : 27 December 2023
    • Closing Date : 23 February 2024, 5 pm

    Eligibility Criteria

    • The lead applicant must be a Sarawakian-based University Partner of the Centre of Excellence (CoE)
    • The Principal Investigator (PI) must be from any Keylab where it has a leader or member
    • In addition, each project partner must include and maintain for the duration of the project members at least:
      • One-industry partner
      • Co-Investigator(s) from at least one other University Partner of the CoE

    Project Requirements

    To be eligible, the proposed project must:

    • Have at least Rm160,000.00 in total eligible project value
    • Work on problem statement(s) identified by the industry which defines the research agenda to develop a product, service or process, thereby delivering tangible outcomes
    • Focus area must be in any digital clusters and economic sectors as below:
      1. Digital Cluster – The digital components of the project must be from one of the following areas:
        • Cybersecurity
        • Advanced Visualization and Simulation
        • Artificial Intelligence
        • Fintech
        • Big Data & Data Science
        • Digital Infrastructure
        • Robotics and Automation
        • Blockchain
        • Internet of Things (IoT)
        • 5G & Connectivity
        • Software Development
      2. Economic Sector – The domain science of the project must be in one of the following sectors:
        • Agriculture
        • Forestry
        • Mining
        • Digital Infrastructure
        • Digital Government
        • E-Health
        • E-Commerce
        • Tourism
        • Smart City
        • Industry 4.0
        • Social Sectors


    Collaborative Research Grant (SCRG) 2023 Opening
    If you have any questions. please complete the following form:
    FAQ Responses:

    How to Apply?

    Collaborative Research Grant (SCRG) 2023 Opening
    General Eligibility & Project Criteria Checking

    Check the general eligibility and project criteria in the SCRG 2023 Guideline and read the SCRG Instructions to Applicants

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    Download SCRG 2023 Documents

    Download the following form HERE.

    • SCRG 2023 Application Form
    • Project Partner Information Form (one for each partner)
    • Project Partner Declaration Form (one for each partner)
    • Project Partner Contributions & Research Expenditure Template form
    • Industry Partners Information form (one for each partner)
    • Business Model Canvas (BMC) Template
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    Submit Application

    Fill in the required forms and compile and any necesary attachments together into one document in PDF format. Then, submit the complete document HERE.

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    Application Summary

    Upon submission of the application, the applicant will receive a summary of the applicant via email. The RMC will also receive an email with the same summary of the application. In addition, the RMC will receive a link to the Research Proposal Endorsement Form to be completed and submitted to SDEC.